December 29, 2011

Homeless Has a Name.

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photo by negativeattention via

I stumbled across this video from today and had to share it. It is at once sad and inspirational. Moving. Pathetic.

Pathetic that homelessness is so prevalent right here in the exceptional U.S. of A. About 2.3 million to 3.5 million Americans, according to The rate of homelessness among kids has seen a dramatic increase of 33 percent since 2007, according to a new report from the National Center on Family Homelessness. 1.6 million children – or one in 45 children – are homeless annually. In America.

This homeless person is Eli.

Trust me, Eli’s interview is very powerful. Please watch it in it’s entirety. Near the end, Continue reading

December 16, 2011

Happy Holidays! And Merry Crash-mas?

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Illustration by deuter (David Neal Johnson)

I have been taking some time off, but wanted to say Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, etc. etc. My older brother, Dave—who is in prison-–sent us a holiday card with an original illustration that I wanted to share with you. A bit esoteric—can anyone translate?

If I don’t post anything until 2012, cheers to you and yours and a happy, prosperous, peaceful new year! Continue reading

December 2, 2011

A Visit With My Brother.

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My older brother appeared much older than I remembered him.

We hugged. “It’s been a long time,” he whispered.

It had been three years. On my dad’s 70th birthday. As usual, he and I had nothing much to say to each other, that particular day.

What would we talk about during this visit, I wondered.

As my husband, Craig, and I followed my brother into the sitting area, I couldn’t help but notice the increasing spread of his waist Continue reading

November 28, 2011

The Pale Blue Dot – A Tribute to Carl Sagan

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Seen from 6 billion kilometres (3.7 billion miles), Earth appears as a tiny dot (the blueish-white speck approximately halfway down the brown band to the right).

The Pale Blue Dot is a photograph of planet Earth taken in 1990 by Voyager 1 from a record distance, showing it against the vastness Continue reading

November 25, 2011

Occupy The Holidays.

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Santa Claus is coming to town, and to your mall…


… not really about refusing to spend a dime over the holiday season. It’s about taking a deep breath and deciding to Continue reading

November 17, 2011

Dancing with the Stars: Why I Will Lose

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Photo: ABC

I cannot dance.

I can play the piano, I can maintain a beat. I’ve always wanted to dance. To glide and shimmy and groove. Watching Glee makes me Continue reading

November 8, 2011

Jaws Wired Shut. A True Story.


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Photo by mikemann05 |

5 Years Ago…

The ominous double doors came into view between my feet—two bumps beneath the blanket, like a gun site—and the hospital bed came to a halt. My husband, Craig, touched my palm to his lips as the nurse pointed him in the direction of the waiting room.

Inching forward, the bed triggered open the doors and Craig’s hand—my safety line—slipped away. “You’ll be fine,” I heard him say Continue reading

November 2, 2011

The Day I Turned 46. (Ugh.)

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NOTE: I wrote this last year for Scroll to the end to find out how I’m dealing with today’s birthday.

You’re only young once. After that you have to come up with another excuse. ~ unknown

Today is my birthday. Yippee. Last year was momentous because I turned 45. Yet, other than hiding Continue reading

October 27, 2011

I Need to Let Myself Fall.

Photo by Matt Champlin

Every year, I resist the change of season.

It is now late October and I stare at the leaves clinging to the most stubborn of branches. I study the colors and let them saturate my soul; will them to endure. Some trees have lost all their leaves and still stand firm, mocking me as if they sense my intimidation Continue reading

October 10, 2011

How I Could Die.

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credit: khf118 via

Fortunately, that is not a photo of me.

But I imagine I would resemble that once dead. Except my hair would be curly. Possibly frizzy, depending on the day. And my teeth are in better shape. My neck might not look that smooth, either.

Anyway. Back to how I could die. Simple. Start a day Continue reading